Given Status

Do you understand what it feels like to be a rock sedentary, unmoving, unyielding with large mass though the truth is there are ants below you, steadily carrying you moving you forward, picking you up and keeping you going, unaware as you may be progress is happening slowly and steadily even when you feel you... Continue Reading →

Quiet Soloist

I wish you could hear this soundtrack with me dive within these notes, this symphony the strings that fly and cry, soar notes above the way the bass swallows the melody in droves far below the bleachers, highly raised the alcove with the theme song that brings you to tears whether from joy, pain, sadness,... Continue Reading →

Different Lives

I have been silent due to it the fact that it suits me fits my character more than being loud, braggadocios and seen rather be that one that comes into your mind for a reason spoken to not only because it is presently my season minimal amount of time mixed with even less effort if... Continue Reading →

Do Love

Fantasies I never told you about dreams that involved your image and aura took me too long to remember this path I forgot about how long love should last

Just Memories

There are some thoughts of mine that always trail back to you those memories of mine that time can not replace because of what I knew I knew in the moment that I was happy, that things had changed I forgot in those moments my pain these type of incidents will become the case consistently... Continue Reading →

No Retake

Ever think that things could not become worse, then it occurs failure after failure, loss after loss, glass half full no longer, glass shatters the pieces scatter and pierce the walls, the furniture, your heart the final place and then another crack, another break, another disaster, broken and out the race but each experience is... Continue Reading →

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