The Switch

You think I have games I am trying to play and you wonder how long I can continue being this way.  The use of chivalry and paying attention to your wants and needs cannot last long, right?  The laughing and joking around all the time will soon turn to arguments that make for sleepless nights. ... Continue Reading →

Blood Pumping

The lies you tell yourself Speak more to your fear Of success Speak truth into the control That you hold on your life Leave alone the lies and the stress Walk forward head held high Use your companions Truth and Confidence That stay by your side And remember you are already Stronger than every situation... Continue Reading →

Transparent Introduction

I have taken it upon myself to be the teacher, the negotiator, the mediator, and the counselor.   I have chosen to become that individual who does more good than evil with his tongue.   I choose today to speak life and love into all of those around me even the ones not within my circles.   For... Continue Reading →

Quick Thoughts

I bet you will be shocked to know My dreams have you in the starring role Not as the one who rescues me Gives me so much more than I wished for Makes me understand again how much love means Helps me grow Introduces me to life Welcomes me into their heart The roles are... Continue Reading →

Irrelevant Ignorance

I am going to start off by saying look in the mirror and tell me what you see look at your children and smile then come and talk to me look at the blessings in your life the way you have been lifted up taken care of  grown ahead of those you left behind and... Continue Reading →


I have always thought that it was about the pain  the hurt the anguish the desperation that is felt when it came down to the end of it all.   It always felt like the focus shifted to where all that matters was the destruction and not the build   The time that was spent... Continue Reading →

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