The Switch

You think I have games I am trying to play and you wonder how long I can continue being this way.  The use of chivalry and paying attention to your wants and needs cannot last long, right?  The laughing and joking around all the time will soon turn to arguments that make for sleepless nights.  Those simple acts of affection will feel like memories from years ago within a matter of weeks.  From feeling like a new adventure of love to a chore of being together in an instant and this is what you are waiting for.  So used to the dishonesty and the men that play the role just to obtain that “conquest” you have a hard time accepting that you have a grown man dedicated to giving you his best, not a little boy trying to be just like the rest.  It is my character that I want to exemplify to you and show you a level of understanding that is new, it will take some time and some patience on both parts; I want you to worry about being patient with you.  This will feel like it is hard to grasp, but use that intuition of yours and let go of thoughts of the past.  Before I am blessed to have your body, I am alright if that takes some time, simply because I am here to take care of you spirit, body, and mind.  This is an opportunity I call upon myself as a privilege, and the obligation of treating you as a Queen is upon me, I take it as my personal duty.  I am chivalrous because you command respect and I want you to understand you are valued.  I rather speak to you in a manner that shows love than be rude.  If we are going to fight, let us do it, have it out as bad as it can be but only briefly, because I rather resolve our issues then make love to you passionately.  To address your concerns with an open mind and heart that welcomes understanding, then reinforce our bond by some deep communication. Never turn away from you or act as if your affection is unwanted, I will take as much as you give and even create moments of my own unwarranted.  To be quite honest, moments like that are just a reprieve, keeps me occupied long enough until I can get you away from prying eyes.  Most of your fears are valid, and I understand where they come from but those elements you enjoy and are waiting on them to change, those are where I gain the most joy from.  Just take into account that this switch you speak of, does me no good, I rather keep things progressing to being better than try to live some lie, be that robber with a mask and a hood.  I am not here to steal your heart and love away from you along with your dignity, pride, self-worth, and more; I am not here to take so much away from you and leave you with pain, doubt, fear, and feelings of being less than dirt.  I rather be presented with your heart, unleash your love, and take on everything that comes with the opportunity and rise above all obstacles in order to enjoy the gift fully.

Blood Pumping

The lies you tell yourself
Speak more to your fear
Of success
Speak truth into the control
That you hold on your life
Leave alone the lies and the stress
Walk forward head held high
Use your companions
Truth and Confidence
That stay by your side
And remember you are already
Stronger than every situation
The strength you seek
Has always been in your
Take hold of your desires
Your dreams,  your wants
Rip them away from doubt
All those people who said
You won’t, you can’t
You will never succeed
Show everyone how powerful
Your heart beats

Transparent Introduction

I have taken it upon myself to be the teacher, the negotiator, the mediator, and the counselor.   I have chosen to become that individual who does more good than evil with his tongue.   I choose today to speak life and love into all of those around me even the ones not within my circles.   For those publicly entering my universe, my words aim to serve.  I have been through a lot myself and continue the same through every day but I want to speak to you of triumph and roads through the pain.   Call it what you will but I love transparency, those that feel it a weakness to me believe more in cowardice,  trying to hide themselves in their own secrets and lies.   Believe yourself before you trust the world,  I plan on speaking some truth you never heard.   Hopefully it will be hard to digest and tough to swallow but maybe it will help you put your best foot forward towards tomorrow

Quick Thoughts

I bet you will be shocked to know
My dreams have you in the starring role
Not as the one who rescues me
Gives me so much more than I wished for
Makes me understand again how much love means
Helps me grow
Introduces me to life
Welcomes me into their heart
The roles are reversed as it appears
I, sledgehammer in hand,  am your hero
Breaking down that wall you keep building
Faster than you can lay the cement
Quicker than it can settle
One conversation at a time
Those kisses that keeps us frozen
Stuck within the moment
I make your movement freeze
By the comfort you receive
Your hand holds back the bricks
Because you hear my honesty
Refusing to merely chip away
Through the bricks and mortar
I rather break through the wall
Take all the pain you used to make it
All at once
Quit wasting time tearing down slowly
I want your love unleashed
And to show you what it means
For it to be taken care of properly.

Irrelevant Ignorance

I am going to start off by saying
look in the mirror and tell me what you see
look at your children and smile
then come and talk to me
look at the blessings in your life
the way you have been lifted up
taken care of 
grown ahead of those you left behind
and then again
let me know what you see
look inside of yourself and remember
remember those you have inspired
remember those who you dismissed
those who pursued and desired
to be with a part of you
not realizing how much more
there is to you
I want you to remember their pursuits
and then
tell me what that meant to you
And once you take all those moments in
face some important truth
their failure to value
is not the failure of you
You are beautiful
and virtuous
You are intelligent
witty, delightful
and enchanting
in every way
You are powerful
relentless, strong
and able to withstand
so much more than this
Despite those who try to tear you down
remember their desperate attempts
All those moments
you have always excelled
then look back on this pain
take it for what it is
irrelevant ignorance