I Forgot

My apologies to you and your heart I forgot to take care of it from the start My apologies to you the torture of your mind I should have been honest the entire time My apologies for playing with your soul I was too busy being immature, I refused to grow My apologies for tearing... Continue Reading →

What is it worth?

I want you to let me know sweetheart how much is time with you worth Yes you are enchanting I can honestly speak that I am physically attracted You have yet to entreat my mind yet my body feels like it is desiring to be active Yet I still need to know are you worth... Continue Reading →

Proud to be Present

I am your worst nightmare come to life, I am that piece of black that shows in your dreams when all you search for is light, I am that overpowering presence that makes you fearful when you sleep, my only issue with that is it is based on your fear of who I will become... Continue Reading →

Explosive Control

How long has it been since someone took control? Took over your senses, your emotions, your feelings, Within their hands is the key to your soul Not the guidance of where you will be headed But the way that you can be touched and invested The way you can be charmed and seduced The way... Continue Reading →


We have all felt it before, we have all heard it before, we have all experienced it before, and yet it was not enough at the time, we want more.  We want more than just the little greetings and affection upon leaving, we want more than just the physical intimacy yet not the one that... Continue Reading →

Best Place

Hey!!! Guess what I miss you more than you understand I think of you all day and night  and sometimes that keeps me from my bed because it misses you lying beside me and I know that is what my body needs I really remember your scent the warmth of your body your legs stretched... Continue Reading →

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