Cracked Doorway

Stopped fighting against the past, leaving her where she lies.  In the back of my mind, in those memories, this is where she will reside.  Again I am tired of fighting to move forward in my life, why is it such of an ongoing bout of strife?  It should not take all the energy in... Continue Reading →

Fear of Love

You do not want to love me, you think it is what you desire, yet you push me away, want me to go farther and farther, you do not want to love me, you question the ability to love you, you wonder which is more important, to have what you want or wear the other... Continue Reading →

Craving Necessity

I crave you those chocolate mountains with the perfect kiss of a peak I yearn to climb until I hear that tremble when you breathe Those curves and hills that appear too dangerous to drive for the inexperienced, yes for someone with motor skills and that high level of precision to maneuver those curves gripping... Continue Reading →

Love Spoken in Action

Although she may not speak it at all times or show you all the signs, her love for you is fierce just read between the lines. Call her and try to hold a conversation and if you are lucky you may hear her voice change in anticipation That slight change in tone will make you... Continue Reading →

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