Just an FYI

I am beginning to wonder if you understand the prowess I hold.  I think sometimes you forget the individual before you is more teacher than student, more of a leader than a follower.  You tend to forget that my goal is to bring you back to what is real, away from the life of lies... Continue Reading →

Silent Expression

Sometimes the little things that we ask are the biggest factors of the heart. We ask and yearn for the simple things because we love the feeling. That comfort that warmth from feeling wanted and desired that pride you feel to stand next to the person you love that joy and security you feel knowing... Continue Reading →

Journal of Words Not Spoken

I have no words anymore just thoughts feelings little glimpses of what can be of what should be of what might have been I have lived my life in the sense of lacking regret feeling as if I have expressed it all one way or the other I let it all out I remain transparent... Continue Reading →

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