Quit or Relent

Ever wondered when it was time to let it go the passions you felt the ambitions you once had the drive you once embraced when is it time to move on I made the decision recently might be time to give up on fantasy on imagination on the thoughts of fancy on the belief in... Continue Reading →

Peaceful Waters

The crashing of the waves the calming dance that appears to never end this is why we find peace near to the water It is the home we knew before we could see it is the living well that always exist inside of you and me the peace we feel is familiar the music and... Continue Reading →

Unappreciated Servitude

I like to think I take from you slowly deliberately and with every intention to tear you apart from all of your fears and doubts of me I would love to be that man that exists to please However to be that man I must exist in your world Granted the blessing yet gifted the... Continue Reading →

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