The Levels

You deserve more than just the beginning of thoughts of romance you deserve more than the start of what should be passion let me wash your feet and your hair under a waterfall kiss your body while you receive a massage you deserve more than conventional more than traditional you deserve to tell your friends... Continue Reading →

The Waltz of Melodies

In the midst of the all the noise there comes the faint breeze in the midst of all the heat there comes a soft touch in the midst of the freezing cold there comes a rhythm the music enters and lives it dances it twirls it makes calculated step after step spinning and whirling feet... Continue Reading →

Life’s Stage

Act 1, Scene 1 and the applause immediately begins for she is not just a player on the stage of life she is the star the reason for the in depth monologue she is the voice of a nation the nation she is soon to mother to nurture to create and to reside in with... Continue Reading →

A Yearning Talent

For most they have dreams aspirations destiny and fate that they seek for others it is ripped away stolen from them in a moment and they are left alone feeling weak Those who grow up realizing they are unacceptable rejected dejected and in their mind they no longer exist to those around them so they... Continue Reading →

Darkness to Light

Verbally I am just spilling my guts letting it all fall out releasing what all spew in my mind this pain in my stomach this tightness in my chest this white that covers my eyes this pounding in my head all symptoms of a broken body a shell of a man shattered heart failing kidneys... Continue Reading →

The Truth Lies Tell

In facing the mirror realizing her eyes always said goodbye never was there a lie in them the truth was just seen through admiration optimism through the strongest of hope her eyes said goodbye from the first kiss when she stole it from you and ran away ashamed and yet intrigued captivated only by passion... Continue Reading →

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