Who I’ve Always Been

That man that man in the shadows that has so many unseen flaws so many unseen problems on the outside looks fine on the outside looks stable on the inside is dying is crying has embraced death and felt the cold chill of no longer living these are not jokes these are serious words the... Continue Reading →

Remain True

Taking a stand to be the man showing that I understand showing that I can withstand the rain the pain the disrespect disregard all of the blame I will stand strong and work hard hard to stay in character diligent to show that I do not waiver that my morals my mental compass continues to... Continue Reading →

Broken Apart

Thought I was sure of my choice heart broken and tired decided no more no more love just friendship no more dedication just enjoying myself enjoying life simply having fun then into the fire I went your fire your strong passion your intense emotion those eyes those lips that way you moved your voice and... Continue Reading →

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