Fear the biggest method of choking the biggest method of running away lies, deception, insecurity,pain, arguments the list continues on and on lifeboat found sense of courage sense of purpose we have desires, demands, loves, and wants yet we stand in the way of ourselves largest obstacle to our success lies in the restless waters... Continue Reading →

Cool breeze in the trees the laughs and giggles echo joy of fatherhood

Just Thinking Aloud #1

I enjoyed loving your lies forgetting my pride intuition thoughts trust issues the fact I knew you were devious what is so different nothing in the end why are you still in my life a means to an end unfortunate that creation between two people can end up in destruction that affects so many more... Continue Reading →

Not Possible

The question was simple Yes or no could be the answer Your answer was hesitant Should have heard the truth in that That quick pause A moment lost Yet love goes on Life follows behind Beyond tiresome this was Aggravation to the highest Empathy exists no more Attraction died of ago And it keeps on... Continue Reading →


Though you never dreamt of the thoughts you also were determined to obtain what you sought The glimmer and glow of satisfaction spread across your face No shame, all glory and you have never felt the shame or disgrace The attraction is so strong that you cannot leave it denied You maneuver throughout the stream,... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call

War fought inside the same lines still killing ourselves crying we losing lives wake up and stand for one thing at least quit falling for too many others we are already prey to be policed Executions rain down heavy like all the tears from mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters yet we continue to separate each... Continue Reading →

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