the biggest method of choking

the biggest method of running away

lies, deception, insecurity,pain, arguments

the list continues on and on

lifeboat found

sense of courage

sense of purpose

we have desires, demands, loves, and wants

yet we stand in the way of ourselves

largest obstacle to our success

lies in the restless waters of our own fear

drowning in every thing that tears us down

frightened and overwhelmed by the mass

for air


Life · Poetry

Just Thinking Aloud #1

I enjoyed loving your lies

forgetting my pride



trust issues

the fact I knew you were devious

what is so different

nothing in the end

why are you still in my life

a means to an end

unfortunate that creation between two people

can end up in destruction that affects so many more

a relationship can bring in friends, family members

then in the end

everyone becomes strangers once again

friends to enemies

or just lack of concern at all

lives forgotten and people run away

from fears, from happiness, from joy

from pain, from repeating the future

yet that is the repetition at it’s source

stop running

stop letting fear run you

remain careful

remain scared

but forge forward

conquer demons and succeed



Not Possible

The question was simple
Yes or no could be the answer
Your answer was hesitant
Should have heard the truth in that

That quick pause
A moment lost
Yet love goes on
Life follows behind

Beyond tiresome this was
Aggravation to the highest
Empathy exists no more
Attraction died of ago

And it keeps on ticking
The seconds, minutes, hours
Lost and wasted on lies
My life is not available for rewind



Though you never dreamt of the thoughts

you also were determined to obtain what you sought

The glimmer and glow of satisfaction spread across your face

No shame, all glory and you have never felt the shame or disgrace

The attraction is so strong that you cannot leave it denied

You maneuver throughout the stream, very tired yet you tried

Gaining attention from that one who eyes you must obtain

That one person with whom actions, should not be restrained

Or maybe the person is inanimate

Doesn’t move, doesn’t speak, yet you are still adamant

the glimmer and the glow still show

they approach you in the same manner you already know

You fixate the daily activities and meaning of your days

plotting, thinking, coordinating the methods, the ways

Your thoughts and eventually your prayers move

in the same manner as you have began to

towards the determination of achieving these “possessions”

whether they are of a human capacity or of human expression

So much dedication shown

So much determination expressed and gone

Once either one is obtained, how long will they remain

A moment, a week, a month, a year

and then when it is gone, the absence of it won’t even create a tear

So all the hard work, all the perseverance was lost

On “possessions” that don’t even evoke the same emotion as what it cost


No matter the time or the weather

When we are fulfilled by the prayers

that should be lifted up everyday and not only when we want to care

We are filled more times over than we know to believe

Through our eyes happiness and relief stream

Because while we searched for relief, we had nowhere to lean

Fear and doubt, fatigue and stress, all we felt was pain

Eyes not dry at that moment, we lived within the rain

Only at those moments do we seek to try to obtain

what we have always been told, will always remain

Takes less of the work and definitely less of the strain

And all we have to do is call out HIS name.