Starting out as a hum the steady beating of a drum realized within moments that this is the beginning to answer all the prayers you have been sending and the fruition of all the happiness to come.


Deep Five

Estimated value of self is priceless estimated value of depth is immeasurable yet within this situation my desire for tears tears apart the layers ahead at the bottom of the pile I lay despite the thoughts of affection you say Unfortunately your action leads to more despair going deeper and deeper down this dark space …

Intense Thinking

I crave to change your perspective I yearn for you to indulge in the creative My mind has an issue staying on the correct path daydreams and fantasies of drawing you a bath then remember kissing you has to be the first objective. Tasting the sweet delicious lips that I crave Becoming the catalyst for …


I love to hear your voice it is involuntary, not by choice those eyes take away my senses those lips remove inhibition sexual desire so intense, hard to remain poise