Optimistic Desires

Just the desire to hear the words I apologize, I am sorry, I know I hurt you starts the beginning or hopefully the rekindling whether accepted or not this is wanted, this is yearned for, this is desired why is it always the opinion that men are never hurt we are never the ones desiring... Continue Reading →

Fonder Heart

I miss good conversation, where I am able to listen and speak just as freely I miss those moments of feeling accepted and embraced I miss intimate moments of vulnerability and safety I miss feeling like I had the world even if it was only in the four walls of a room sometimes feeling like... Continue Reading →

Denied yet True

I am going to let out a cat that has lived in a bag of stigma for years, the same bones that live within the closet that people just keep putting the broom beside, skeleton staring them in the face everyday yet they ignore it, keep it locked up in the dark, refusing to brush... Continue Reading →

Silent Screams

I have kept quiet consistently because pointless arguments yield no growth, those moments where you fight and all it becomes is a you versus me, who is more right or more wrong which is pointless.  In no situation does it matter who is more wrong than the other, the only important piece of the puzzle... Continue Reading →

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