Apparently I am pretty smart, maybe in a way more than others, I have some wisdom to give, something to spread to this world, something to give and divulge unto the masses. I could be someone great, known to speak to hundreds, maybe even thousands and move more hearts towards the pursuit of knowledge and... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Art 

There is contemporary wisdom that will tell you Music is the key to the soul Yet there is more than just one doorway The eyes have always held this esteem So let me tell you other means We can see the world in many lights Unfortunately people tend to see a lot of black and... Continue Reading →


I want to bring up a subject that people live in fear of being open and honest with themselves and especially those that they care for yet the fear is a self-created cycle of pain and excuses if you have been told that love is yours why run away from it first? Sometimes people tend... Continue Reading →

Turning the Corner

Things are different, times have changed it matters more to me about growth than it does to be right or to be vain I have a great deal of rebuilding to do this has to be done now for myself it would be great to have company, to have you join me in this process... Continue Reading →

Taking My Time

Real hard to say what to do truth be told, I know I only want you I enjoy what I know I find intrigue in the learning the desire to delve more into understanding I admire the appreciation I could easily turn this around make this a selfish thought and path but truth be told... Continue Reading →

Safe Haven

Just wanted to go off of some words spoken to me earlier that I take and appreciate for it is always a pleasure to learn more about how a person feels this is a privilege that not all are able to enjoy so I show I appreciate it even more by hopefully opening this door... Continue Reading →

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