I Used to Be

We stare into the sky and we think of what we would like to be We stare into the ceiling while we lay to fall asleep I remember who I used to be, this strong and patient man who you held in esteem I used to be a great person and individual who held a... Continue Reading →

Letter of Apology to Love and Passion

I miss laughing with you, the jokes, the fun, the wit and playful banter I miss just laying with you, with movies, pillow conversations, in-depth learning I miss the feeling of taking you away from it all, making you feel special showing you that I want the time with just you, showing you my complete... Continue Reading →

For a Change

There are those times where I wish to vent spit out all the frustrations of the world and of the people who dwell within it whether it be about work, love, the lack there of many different factors sometimes I too just want to become the benefactor of someone else's attention, desire, admiration, and intentions... Continue Reading →

Blinded by Your Eyes

Multiple views and one pair of eyes.  Just because you are seeing does not mean you have sight.  Blindness with your eyes wide open, sun glaring down, colors bright and vibrant. Always basking in the light you see, not realizing how you are in the darkest sea.  Drowning further and further in the deep doubts... Continue Reading →

Vivid Dreams

Riding in silence solitude the cruising speed is perfect thoughts over life and love near to my heart and close to the point feeling well executed one second feeling unsure with the next method at times I just want to grab you let the Sparks fly as they will often I have to avert my... Continue Reading →

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