Shadowed Light

Woke up feeling like it was darker than normal light feeling over shadowed by lack of transparency being told you are the truth so many times that it begins to feel like the real statement that I should hear from that is "I am the lie" while the truth does remind you of me in... Continue Reading →

Users and Developers

All robots in this day and age relationships are more mechanical than emotional can you attribute to the building fund? society has joined the same line of business as the church and wonder why those seats are not filled and the same goes for the battle of the sexes men losing more and more character... Continue Reading →

Tap Tap Tap

Knock knock knock will he answer or will he not boom boom boom will I answer, will I turn this lock barricade the door and turn off the lights yet at his house it seems I have an invite I forgot to RSVP hope he does not consider that rude to be perfectly honest this... Continue Reading →


We dance, we play, we sing, we jump we run, we dive, we slip, we slide over curves and down in the valley then back over the hump again then we twist and try to reach the pinnacle speaking of the heart this is where we live, love, laugh, and play along with we yell,... Continue Reading →


How often do you pay attention? to the moves you make to the words you say How often does it play back in your mind? when does it make the most sense when does it leave you with details missing Mistakes made, hurtful things said incidents created and left unresolved yet you are always unscathed... Continue Reading →

Positive Moves

In the beginning of this I will speak to a myth and then I will speak to the truth.  The myth is that you care for me and you love me truly and deeply, the truth is you love what I have done for you and hope to keep me in your life in regards... Continue Reading →

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