Notebook Chronicles #26

Over and over and over and over and over and over again running around and around and around and wondering when it will end starting at the end and ending at the beginning, forgetting what has been done laughing at the while at the ride, the carousel that never stops Pure insanity happening while living... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #25

Ever wondered why the sound your feet makes when walking alone, can resonate so loudly that it makes it a deafening tone It becomes that loud, large, booming sound, even if there are cars and noises all around Tortured to hear this lingering escalation of the sound that comes from self, it is more of... Continue Reading →


Aches and pains twisting and turning this blanket feels colder somehow this fabric stings just a little bit more remembering first moments, kisses in the dark kisses in the light disappearing from the world in each other's arms in the presence of one another laughing until it hurts loving so it would no longer hurt... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #24

This morning I felt a well of shame disappointment and in the deepest parts of my heart blame to see these young men and even some older yield to their own selfishness than create the inconvenience to be chivalrous I had to take a step back and turn my head embarrassed that I might possibly... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #23

I am going to focus more on being who I am than who you believe me to be who you deem I should be just because of your personal perception of me the way you twist your own words to show false intrigue I suppose this is the you that you want me to see... Continue Reading →

Notebook Chronicles #22

Long before we met our time had been set we were guaranteed this chance our moment to get so on our two paths we continued though the road became narrow and skewed for one of us maybe not both in the end there lost a passenger on this boat this voyage we were taking in... Continue Reading →

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