Mind of a Poet #9

An apology to that which created me and brought me to where I stand an apology that cannot be written down in parts on my hand an apology that hopefully will re invite these parts back into a troubled world a world clashing everyday with problems no one sees, but no one tries to observe... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #8

I wake up in the morning and I greet myself thank God for another day and then greet myself get out of my bed and then simply greet myself I have been doing this for years on years, always with myself Wanting and needing someone are too different things A great deal of people love... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #7

There is a future that none of us can avoid can't deter from, can't maneuver away from, not even Freud we all have to face, innately we believe in it, but do not recognize that everyday we breath, we walk, we talk, is a gift, a luxury, a prize we have won ourselves another day,... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #6

Desperately in search for that which a lot consider a want, something not necessary, not needed but simply a selfish want to please their own needs, it hinders all that people try to succeed within, but maybe it is how it is treated that which is treated towards growth and improvement eventually learns the conditions... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #5

Pure and loving, this is the time to be myself this is the time to live up to everything I was created for this is the time to become that which is a perfect clef music that is created to tell a tale of lore. True and dedicated, I am even so in my dreams... Continue Reading →

Mind of a Poet #4

My mind is struggling, dealing with thoughts every hour within the minute, I am thinking a solution to my problems is always sought I should allow it to go the way it is meant to be, trusting in another being more powerful than I am I always know I have given the situation to him... Continue Reading →

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