Expensive Commodity

Informed it is the little things, those pieces of life that leave no cost by the means of monetary at least, in the end, it takes true investment those that you cannot bring back, the one that is always lost when it goes to the matters of heart, it is all about time well spent... Continue Reading →

Deeper Sleep

My brain goes to so many different places my soul is that one passenger being dragged along within moments of closing my eyes I am in a new place new settings, new environments, and here are new people and voices and conversations to hear and be a part of within these realms, it feels as... Continue Reading →

Silent Conditions

Something I learned recently in more consistent events memories of the past can sometime become very irrelevant there are differences in the heart of how a moment is interpreted something that matters the most to you, might mean less to them   Learning over recent events thinking of heavenly appeasement Yet within these memories, I... Continue Reading →

Users and Developers

All robots in this day and age relationships are more mechanical than emotional can you attribute to the building fund? society has joined the same line of business as the church and wonder why those seats are not filled and the same goes for the battle of the sexes men losing more and more character... Continue Reading →

Optimistic Desires

Just the desire to hear the words I apologize, I am sorry, I know I hurt you starts the beginning or hopefully the rekindling whether accepted or not this is wanted, this is yearned for, this is desired why is it always the opinion that men are never hurt we are never the ones desiring... Continue Reading →

Fonder Heart

I miss good conversation, where I am able to listen and speak just as freely I miss those moments of feeling accepted and embraced I miss intimate moments of vulnerability and safety I miss feeling like I had the world even if it was only in the four walls of a room sometimes feeling like... Continue Reading →

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