Top of the Ladder

Here is a truth of mine I am not perfect wait let me repeat that line I am not perfect, it will not change in time I will always make mistakes, I will always be flawed I will always be human, and I will continue to fall then I will continue to rise, I will... Continue Reading →

Assembly Line Woes

Here is the deal: to someone you may be the perfect specimen after some investigation the again, you might appear to be absolute until the deeper inspection occurs and in a lot of instances, you are deemed poor quality by looks deemed not safe by attitude, deemed defective by physical attributes thrown away to the... Continue Reading →


Call it perseverance, call it the will to succeed call it stubborn or just hard-headed, at the point to where quitting is irrelevant does not exist I must push through all this I enjoy being that symbol of fortitude whether I accept it or not humbly I am blessed to survive and live as much... Continue Reading →

Missed Moments

The one that got away is it the same sentiment when you stood back watched yourself walk away, watched her keep moving forward happy and blessed while you were in pain and stressed all because you did not want to repeat a previous disaster steal the joy of another and make it your own despite... Continue Reading →

Sometimes We Know

If you love something let it go, that is what we are told I would be lying to you if I said it would make me happy to leave yet I left because I knew I knew it was wrong to remove you from the joy you had whether you were the one I truly... Continue Reading →


We all seek increase that growth in our life that makes us feel like living is ours again we desire change internally for the better whether we understand it or not what we want might not be the best options so we pray for guidance, we seek out wisdom we yearn for direction that keeps... Continue Reading →

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