I have to wonder, did you notice my absence did you miss my presence, have you wondered about my existence it seems like a problem that my affections come your way my apologies to bring them forward, I will keep them far away I have to imagine a time in which I existed as admirable... Continue Reading →


Cascading waterfalls start the creation of life and the beauty of miracles at times it is the rain that gives clarity to all the mysteries those that we seek all the questions for, the answers yield not the results it is within the deeper investigation that we find solace and comfort. Reflection is not the... Continue Reading →


I enjoy being an artist, whether with a pen or paper or a voice that lives within the melody, the above or lower layer tonight thought my artistry has me using different tools in my showcase the end result is the masterpiece of the intense ecstasy on your face your body being the stencil, I... Continue Reading →

Turn the Page

It comes at a point where I knew I was forgotten that one person that is replaceable in so many occasions to feel like the person remembered felt good, felt great, a lot the sad truth of it all, is there is still the lack of reciprocal passions. I could stand up and scream, yell... Continue Reading →

Expensive Commodity

Informed it is the little things, those pieces of life that leave no cost by the means of monetary at least, in the end, it takes true investment those that you cannot bring back, the one that is always lost when it goes to the matters of heart, it is all about time well spent... Continue Reading →

Deeper Sleep

My brain goes to so many different places my soul is that one passenger being dragged along within moments of closing my eyes I am in a new place new settings, new environments, and here are new people and voices and conversations to hear and be a part of within these realms, it feels as... Continue Reading →

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