#31daypoem Day 1 and Day 2

Introduction into the business of intensity we could possibly be that flame too hot to touch First impressions of passion and desire for change the wild beast that forsakes the thought of being caged While we take addictions and past fears and doubts hand in hand we struggle with moving forward through all sinking sand... Continue Reading →


Even though these words will not be heard, hopefully in reading, the message can be delivered.  Women are not usually the ones for these type of reflections, at least not honestly; men this is what we invented, the moments when we look back and realize what we lost because of what we lacked.  We should not... Continue Reading →


Three cheers for you, even more when you are not looking and unaware.  When you are sleeping, I smile, when you are awake, I have to turn away just so you do not always catch me smiling.  Proud is not enough of a word, I am amazed by the progress you have made in this... Continue Reading →

Union of 1

It is one of those scenarios that are always present yet never talked about.  The purpose or the intent to go after what you believe you desire yet the actions and the words to show that you have no desire for it at all.  People get caught up in rage and aggression so much that... Continue Reading →

Again and Again

He tries in the midst of all his pain He tries in the midst of confusion of self abuse to the brain to the soul to the heart daily stress that makes his body ill and his spirit low He tries and once again He fails again and again He fails chances given to him... Continue Reading →

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