Closed Portals

For most life is full of scenes and visions and moments and experiences that are able to be escaped from in the comfort of the night you close your eyes you drift away into sleep and all of those painful images just go away for at least a little while then there are those like... Continue Reading →


Running along them calmly you may hear the roar of the freight behind you then again that could be the endgame to allow everything to all end and make it all seem like a mistake. Then again these could be the sight of pure victory of a long road towards freedom of a long road... Continue Reading →

Dear Perspective

I find it interesting that the post template says "share your story" but how many of you would read it openly.  Watching television earlier showed me some very interesting concepts and many of them coincided with my own personal thoughts and philosophies.  There were others that I felt I should learn yet I don't implement... Continue Reading →

89 Posts

This will number 89, very close to 100, but not quite there.  I have not been writing lately, call it a block, call it what you will, truth of the matter is, I do not believe I have your ears.  There are those of you who will say, "get it out, whatever you feel, yell... Continue Reading →

Same Boots

Day after day, working hard working less lace them up, keep it moving consistently fighting to go forward tie them tight, keep pushing always fighting for more  

Closed Minds and Hearts

Love is more than emotion It is choice It is knowledge It is an understanding It is learning It is more than just a passing notion I am loved more as an idea More so than me for my individuality My actions towards others are adored The adoration does not translate To the acceptance of... Continue Reading →

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