Silent Screams

I have kept quiet consistently because pointless arguments yield no growth, those moments where you fight and all it becomes is a you versus me, who is more right or more wrong which is pointless.  In no situation does it matter who is more wrong than the other, the only important piece of the puzzle... Continue Reading →

Honest and Transparent Truth

This one is for me more than anything else, I guess just the open acknowledgement of how I feel right now.  I wish I could say I know someone would be able to understand and that there would be some things different in my life due to this post; however, I do not believe that... Continue Reading →

Bottled Release

I scream and I scream internally and externally I yell and fight, explicit words run off my tongue like water yet when it is all said and done there is no change, there is no silence, there is only more and more more screaming more yelling, more crying, more fighting, more disgust more of all... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Here

If how I feel doesn't matter, if how I feel by things you have done or said doesn't matter, if it's stupid for me to share my interests with you, if everything about money is a contradiction, if I'm so wrong in all these facets all the time, why are you here? This person you... Continue Reading →


I have stayed away from writing, this is true, the reason I will go ahead and lay to rest My words are not heard or even respected, this occurs in the flesh So why would I believe in understanding through paper or screen these words while subscribed would merely get a passing glance Let me... Continue Reading →

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