Just a Glance

It is not in my nature to be boastful full of pride that seeps through my clothes coming from my skin like a pheromone I rather let my pencil speak some of the words that are not created by the chorus of my actions for it is better to act and stand as an example... Continue Reading →

What You See

Take it all in and observe with an open mind and open eyes rest assured that you are making the correct choices understand that negative things do not have to repeat themselves surrender yourself to the faith that you have amassed turn that doubt and fear that you once had into pure confidence You have been... Continue Reading →

Support Team

So it has become my job, a duty so to speak to change your perception open up your perspective and introduce you to my level of depth my level of introspection you want to learn more about me, dive right on in the water is fine, not too hot, not too cold just the right... Continue Reading →

Taken Back

Streetlights coming on, better hurry on home is she on the steps or inside of the door, waiting have to run, no time to say goodbye, yell it down the street first time having curfew, this should be fun made the mistake, now I am late, it was worth it long conversations, hold your breathe,... Continue Reading →

A Continuing Path

Tasked in a roundabout way to speak on romance since this one has just started I find it perfect we are exploring the possibilities of many multiple flights of fantasy carriage rides on a warm summer eve or rather a cool Autumn breeze the chill that runs up your arm bringing you that much closer... Continue Reading →

Reading Material

Keen on paying attention to the content on the pages intense within the method of looking at the details mulling over what is seen in the forefront yet bubbling inside with excitement over turning over to the next page eager to become enthralled within the melodies of the story ready and willing to learn and... Continue Reading →

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