this conversation is interesting my bed hates me I am not so fond of it anymore either we slept together had a partner that partner no longer exists it seems the bed craves company more than I alone can give that scent and those sounds live in the walls the squeaking I hear sounds like... Continue Reading →


First date that moment of true first impressions introduction was simple speaking was second nature phone conversations were invited time not to be wasted to be used efficiently entertaining admiring your smile those eyes across the table from me have to make myself look away some laughs some insights soaking it all in like a... Continue Reading →

Enchanting Memories

Alma mater beginning embraced and remembering deep bonds created by laughing thank you far away and near at the same time dedicated to the end and past time out of touch out of reach pick it back up like it never fell watch art together create art with one another picture portrait perfection so sweet

Lesson Learned

Intense passion purely spontaneous and intense too much to handle at times this time it only existed in lies Infatuation the belief of love that might be true the reality of attraction narrowed down to a few lust lives more in this situation Awareness should have kicked in situation created a false relationship purely sexual,... Continue Reading →

Biggest Fan

A lot of dreams and aspiration, a lot of thoughts and wants desires and hopes, passions and just talents I want you to embrace as much that makes me who I am Jack of All Trades I have been deemed from time to time Jane to my Tarzan I desire, cheering my fight on from... Continue Reading →

Speak Up

Is it easy to yell from the rooftops Is it really that easy to approach in earnest is it a timeless technique built on confidence or is it a chance and risk some just love to take Have you been the one listless and waiting in the wings of the object of your affection's life... Continue Reading →

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