Hard working woman children, career, education, and drive for much more I appreciate you, I adore you, I admire you far more than you know Your smile lights up my world even if you do not know Your joy and determination fuel my desire to grow Your strength of character make me just want to... Continue Reading →

Laugh Out Loud

Social media is hilarious with the way it relies on cliches and memes the same woman touting that you must have money to pursue another will be the same one agreeing that a good woman stands by her man while he grows from having nothing to having it all People spray inaccuracies from the top... Continue Reading →

Restless Nights

Covers thrown across the bed, pillows in disarray Sitting up and staring at the walls feeling the cold chill from the other side of the bed wishing you were near me right now if to do nothing but hold you tightly kiss you lightly love you passionately or just lay in your embrace feel your... Continue Reading →

Far Reaches

It takes a lot of strength, perseverance, determination, those intangible pieces of you It takes all of those in continuous, consistent, strenuous, and immense measures to deal with distance trust, communication, patience, understanding, and peace to deal with the absence of the one your heart beats a little faster for your breath leaves you a... Continue Reading →


Hard enough to crack through the cement dedicated enough to know what you deserve yet reserved and humbled past has a problem with repeating the same course this test of life has been failed as a metaphor many times before this class of love seems like the study sheet is inaccurate being shown an exam... Continue Reading →

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